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Granules of recycled tyres for multiple purposes

The granulation of the rubber is a 100% recycled product that comes from the shredding of disused tyres (DTs). The nature of this subproduct and its characteristics make it a recoverable product with multiple applications at industrial, urban, construction and civil works level, among other.

The rubber shredding plant located in Manresa, Barcelona, has the latest technology and maximum efficiency processes which are environmentally friendly. From the moment the material enters the plant as well as during the crushing, pelleting and shipping processes, they are subjected to a strict quality control to guarantee the properties of the material.




  • Controlled granule size.
  • Vibration absorption capacity
  • Great Drainage capacity
  • Shock absorption.
  • High weather resistance.
  • Flexibility.X42
  • Lightweight.
  • Environmentally friendly since it does not leach and it is inert.




This product is supplied in bulk or in Big-Bags.



Depending on the size of the granule we would have different types of applications:

  • Artificial grass fields (shock absorption layer).
  • Children’s parks.
  • Light and insulating fillings.
  • Insulating sheets.
  • Sports flooring.
  • Rubber pieces.
  • Etc.