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For Promsa, the Circular Economy and Sustainability are more than an activity, they are an attitude. We believe that the path we are traveling and the growth of our businesses are meaningless if they are not designed in a sustainable way.
Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers, providing them with the products and services they require that are more in line with the trends in our environment, mainly the circular economy.
Research and development allows us to move forward, improve continuously, adapting to customer requirements, designing innovative solutions, always bearing in mind the environmental and social environment that surrounds us.


PROMSA GREEN, beyond ecodesign

A sustainable building has ceased to be a trend to become a necessity in all its materials and construction elements.
There are a series of international building classification systems that establish specific criteria that define and categorize the sustainability of the products used.
At PROMSA we have a range of PROMSA GREEN products, Construction Ecomaterials that contribute to increasing the score in these building certification systems by using sustainable materials with a lower carbon footprint.
The PROMSA GREEN have environmental self-declarations where the content of recycled waste, the origin of the materials, the subsequent recyclability of the product and some added properties such as long life, reduction of natural consumption and minimization of the management of waste destined for landfills.
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Environmental commitment

PROMSA integrates Environmental Protection in the company's management, objectives and strategies, with sustainability being one of the company's priorities. We have implemented and certified an environmental management system under the ISO 14001 standard, which is evaluated annually. The basis of the system is continuous improvement, where we invest in the most effective technology available, establishing specific policies based on efficiency for waste management and energy and water consumption.
We are aware of the need to take care of our environment, our businesses are nourished by natural raw materials such as aggregates or water, which is why we have a strict action policy on the efficient use of natural resources and the preservation of the environment.
I Build with Sustainability Guide.


Quarry Restoration: Preserving Biodiversity

PROMSA's extractive activities, whether they are quarries or gravel pits, have a Restoration Program that is the basis for restoring environmental order in the spaces where they have worked. We have gone further, since restoration becomes a key factor, not only of landscape integration, but also of regenerating the existing Ecosystem again, preserving the Biodiversity of the exploited natural spaces.
We collaborate with different entities and NGOs for the protection of protected species, such as the Bonelli's eagle (àliga cuabarrada), the black wheatear (còlit negre), or the integration of the Mediterranean tortoise, with the aim of favoring its habitat from the quarry restoration programs.