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PROMSA is a company of the Cementos Molins Group with over 75 years of experience in the construction sector. Our clients’ satisfaction and the quality of our products and services are core values. To this end, we have a team of people in charge of quality control, production, transport and the application of our products to offer the best possible service. We are innovative, we love challenges and we work to develop tailored products to help provide solutions for our clients.

Our values

As a company of the Cementos Molins Group, we move at the speed of change, looking for continuous improvement. We are pragmatic and we fulfil our promises. We never give up when confronted with challenges and we keep a positive attitude while trying to look for the best solutions. We respect the environment, and we apply the most appropriate techniques to reach our sustainability targets.

The integrity, non-conformism, efficiency, passion and respect are part of our DNA, these values set the difference and make the Group clearly recognisable.

Promsa’s main activities focus on:

  - Concrete: we manufacture all kinds of concrete, standard and technological, structural, for pavements, self-levelling, self-compacting, etc. Development and design of special products for specific construction needs.

  - Aggregates: the strict control on raw materials makes it possible to have our own quarries, gravel pits and crushing plants where we obtain all the different types of aggregates, the raw material of our products.

  - Mortar: manufacturing and commercialisation in different formats, in bulk, sacks or silos.

  - Environment: waste management, treatment and recovery. Controlled inert waste deposits and recycling plants.

  - On-site services: pumping and application of pavements, construction of structures, stabilisation of external soil and personalised technical assessment."


Human Resources - HHRR

PROMSA is constituted by over 200 professionals that every day work to prepare, distribute and apply the most innovative and sustainable construction materials in the market. In different points of the Catalan geography and in some areas of Aragon, we bring our professionalism and know-how in the manufacture of concrete, mortars, aggregates and construction ecomaterials.

The key to success are the people that make up the company, their professionalism, commitment and involvement. Thanks to our wide experience in the sector and dedication, we have been able to reach important goals throughout the years. From Human Resources we enforce a policy based on the promotion of talent, professional growth, equal opportunities and the motivation of our team as a competitive edge. Therefore, our action plan includes:

  - The generation of the change Promsa needs to adapt to the new economic climate, which is getting more global, dynamic and competitive every day.

  - Respect towards Occupational Risk Prevention, by promoting healthy and safe working environments.

  - Promoting performance assessment systems to analyse people’s professional potential.

  - Consolidating a result-oriented culture and competency-based management.

  - Internal communication as a tool for the understanding and cooperation between all the levels of the organisation.

  - Creating a healthy working environment, based on encouragement.

  - The opportunity for development and growth at international level of our employees.

  - Covering the needs of the company giving priority to internal promotion.

  - Promoting equality measures, as well as conciliating professional and family life.

A bit of history

At the end of the 70s, Cementos Molins Group had started the path to internationalisation, with the participation of companies in Argentina, Mexico, etc. turning itself into the parent company of a large group of international companies.

In the 80s, it was the turn of diversification, cement started to share sales ranking with other products: concrete, precasts, mortars, etc.

The investments of Cementos Molins Group in the concrete and aggregate sector were carried out through the company PROMSA. In 1988 this company was entirely owned (100%) by Cementos Molins, it increased the capital allowing the entrance of SOMACO, a subsidiary of Societé de Cementos Français, with a 50% share. At that moment PROMSA carried out significant investments in Catalonia, Andalusia, Castile and the north of Spain in the sector of ready-mixed concrete, concrete precasts and the preparation of aggregate through around 50 subsidiaries.

At the beginning of the 90s, PROMSA was one of the first Spanish companies of that sector.

In 1992, Cemento Français was taken over by Italcementi Group, and after an agreement, PROMSA concentrated its assets in Catalonia. It was in 1993 when Cementos Molins Group acquired all the shares. The subsidiaries of PROMSA came under direct control of Cementos Molins. This was the case of Promotora Mediterránea-2 SA, Hormigones de Calidad, SA and Prefabricaciones y Contratas, SA (PRECON), the first two in the business of Concrete and aggregate in Catalonia and in the central area, respectively.

PROMSA continued in the concrete business, reinforced as well by aggregates, and initiated a process of integration of all the subsidiaries through several merges, until all the activities ended up included in the company Promotora Mediterránea-2, SA.

It was in 2001 when it started working with other construction materials such as mortar by building and innovative and efficient factory for the production of mortar in the facilities of La Falconera quarry, in Garraf (Sitges).

Since then, PROMSA and its subsidiaries, being coherent with the values of the circular economy, have created an Environmental line that includes waste recovery, both in the energy section and in the reuse and creation of the product line PROMSA GREEN, which includes recycled raw materials that improve the properties of the final products.


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