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Innovation takes a strategic place in PROMSA’s value proposal, it is part of our growth process and the definition of our products. Improving to separate ourselves from the competition, to provide value to our clients is one of our driving forces; thus, R+D+i plays an important role, helping us in the search for new creative and innovative solutions.

We work innovation in a cross-cutting way to improve the processes, develop new products and services, and diversify the strategy of new businesses. Our R+D+i committee, comprised by multidisciplinary and cross-sectional personnel, is in charge of coordinating and prioritising the different innovation projects. Always, taking into account our clients’ proposals and needs, the trends of the sector and the cooperation with the environment, whether they are other companies or Universities.

Promsa’s work lines are:

   - Efficiency improvements

   - Technological integration of the production processes

   - Development of sustainable projects and products

   - Development of technological advanced products: multifunctionality

   - Cooperation with external entities for collaborative projects (universities, prescribers, companies, etc.)


Promsa is a founder company and member of the Clúster de Materiales Avanzados de Catalunya, created in 2015 and member of the Catalonia Clusters d’Acció, of the Catalan Government. In order to improve the competitiveness of the companies by providing market knowledge and current trends. The contact with other companies allows us to have a network of cooperators that includes all the value chain, thus learning about the environment and the market in all its complexity.


The context in general, and the construction sector in particular, are in constant evolution and change to adapt to the new and different needs users, architects and engineers demand. The new tendencies are having an impact on the market where the products with greater demand are those which are more sophisticated and provide multifunctionality, sustainability, and those that are smart. Some trends worth mentioning:

- Smart City: smart cities use infrastructures, innovation and technology to reduce energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, improve the interconnectivity of the elements of the city with among them and with the population.

- Energy efficiency: to reach a high efficiency level in the use of energy by using advanced materials that improve thermal insulation in buildings.

- Urban resilience: it refers to the ability of human settlements to resist and recover quickly from any plausible danger. This concept, applied to cities, must allow us to design the most suitable tools and provide crucial services and structures, so that cities can increase their resilience.

- Sustainable materials: we can consider Sustainable Construction Materials those that are durable and need little maintenance, can be reused, recycled or recovered. Also, those which contain as a raw material recovered products from the recovery of waste, as long as they have specific characteristics.

- Reducing costs and application time on site: the possibility to obtain more qualities, or characteristics with the same material, or else reducing the time and complexity of the installation of a specific product are some of the products and services that make a construction efficient.

- Insulation products, light, heavy, sustainable, with fiber: all those products that provide the construction more competitiveness regarding the existing products, will give the building a benefit that will be passed on to its users.

All these tendencies are analysed and detected by our marketing department, which passes them to the R+D committee in charge of research and development of new materials and products. The design and prototype stages are essential, our laboratory allows us to carry out tests on a wide range of materials, improve them and adapt them to give added value and be more competitive.

Our team can design customised products to cover the specific needs our clients. Moreover, we are a referent on tests of new additives for our products. Some products, services and processes developed as R+D+i by Promsa are: