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The people and especially those who make up the PROMSA organization are the most important thing for the company, so their safety, health and well-being are at the forefront of the company's efforts.
PROMSA works to create a safe, collaborative and open work environment. A place where workers are part of the company's preventive culture, continuously improving, to achieve our goal of "0 Accidents". A transversal work that involves all the people in the organization.
We work for the continuous and integrated improvement of safety in all production processes: both in our facilities, production phases, transport, dispatch and also in the services we provide on site.

Social commitment

At PROMSA we promote communication, transparency and training towards society, through environmental education projects in which PROMSA opens the doors of its different activities such as the social education project "let's get to know a quarry", the Day of the aggregates and the trees, or visits by primary, secondary and university students to the "La Falconera" quarry. These visits explain the operation of our activities with the aim of informing and making people reflect on the importance of construction materials and raise awareness about the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Dia de los arboles y los áridos


Collaboration with special centers

PROMSA collaborates with different centers and foundations to integrate especially vulnerable groups.
- InOut Hostel, a special employment center that functions as a youth hostel and as a restaurant, whose staff is made up almost entirely of people with disabilities, mainly intellectual disabilities.
- Private Foundation FEMAREC and CET TEGAR, subcontracting the waste collection and treatment service of the production centers and subcontracting disabled personnel to carry out the environmental restoration projects of the Garraf quarry.
- Talita Foundation, which works for the integration of people with intellectual disabilities and special educational needs (children with Down Syndrome).
- IRIS Foundation, a special local work center, through which the services of people with a certain degree of disability are contracted. The collaboration materializes in the contracting of gardening services in the company's facilities with especially sensitive personnel, protected by the Law of Social Integration of the Disabled (LISMI).