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Quality at PROMSA

In PROMSA, we understand quality as a factor integrated in our work process, from the analyses of raw materials to the details of the products, which includes the control of the production processes and their development. All the manufactured products are subject to a strict quality control to guarantee the compliance with the regulations in force, and to provide our clients with the CE markings and type certificates.


We have our own laboratories and a large technical team that define and control the compliance with the guidelines established, allowing complete traceability integrated in the work process. To carry out the analyses that allow us to control the quality of all the products, we have specific facilities:

     - 3 laboratories in permanent facilities: equipped with the most modern and cutting-edge machinery, which allows us to perform 99% of the necessary tests to define and control the products we manufacture.

     - 1 laboratory in aggregates plant: to carry out specific analyses of the aggregates that are supplied as raw materials to the concrete, asphalt and mortar plants. Having a laboratory inside the facilities allows us to perform test on the same production line, which expedites responsiveness and guarantees the quality of the aggregate.

     - Mobile laboratory: prepared to cover big works that require a concrete plant on-site.



The people who conform PROMSA’s quality team are professionals with specific training and intense dedication and passion for the product. It is made up by Product technicians and the lab team, who day after day carry out an exhaustive control of all the products and raw materials.

The raw materials with which we manufacture our products are the key of our success. Some examples of the types of analyses we carry out:

     - Dosage optimisation: physical tests that allow us to obtain the best possible mix of raw materials.

     - Dosage optimisation for large volumes: carried out in cooperation with our clients to adjust the product to the specific needs of each work.   

     - Development of new products: from the insight of our clients, we work to obtain the most suitable product or service.

     - Teacher training: our professional team carries out regular training at universities, professional schools, etc. to disseminate the characteristics of the products.

     - Assessment and product prescription: the selection of the most suitable product per each case is essential to reach client satisfaction. We dedicate a great part of our efforts to the assessment and prescription stage, it is crucial to guarantee the best solution.

     - Presence in Standardisation Committees and specialised entities: the presence of the PROMSA’s Quality Director allows us not only to keep up to date with the new legislation, but also to take a step further and lead these regulation changes, so that they are at the service of the companies.

Committees in which PROMSA participates directly

    • AENOR:
      • National Technical Committee 83 concrete
      • National Technical Committee 146 aggregates
    • AFAM – Technical Committee
    • ANEFHOP - Technical Committee
    • GREMI D’ÀRIDS of Catalonia

     - Tests according to current regulations

   - Service for the test of especial products for third parties: our laboratory is a reference centre for external companies and Universities. It is equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, we can carry out most necessary tests to guarantee the quality and homogeneity of the products.

These equipment allow us to perform a wide range of tests*. Currently, the tests performed by Promsa’s Laboratory are:

Quality Control on site

Our network of laboratories is strategically located in the geographical production area to allow for the strict quality control the laboratory workers carry out on site. A work focused to ensure Promsa’s quality standards in all the products, performing tests that go beyond current regulations. The activities of the quality department also focus on the management of raw materials, inventory control and the supervision of the homogeneity of the products, key factors of success.

Concrete Expert

ANEFHOP is the Spanish National Association of Heavy Concrete Manufacturers, PROMSA has played an active role in this association for many years, holding a management position in it. ANEFHOP started in 2011 the “Commitment to Sustainability” Plan that translates into the standard “Concrete Expert”, the companies and work centres that hold this certificate have gone through rigorous inspections on Security, Quality and Environment. This certificate represents excellency in the manufacturing of ready-mixed concrete: maximum safety for the people that manufacture and transport the concrete, maximum finished product quality and utmost respect for the environment.

All PROMSA’s plants are credited according to the “Concrete Expert” certification.

Technical Assessment

It is normal for doubts or questions to arise regarding our products or their application in works. Which product is the most suitable? How should I apply it? Will it be the best option? Is there anything new which is more suitable?

We have a team of professionals ready to clarify these doubts and work to offer the product that better suits your needs. We design a product customised to your needs, we propose construction solutions adjusted to each client, as well as innovative answers to specific needs. Always ready to help you.

Integrated Quality Control


Quality is embedded in our production process. The departments involved in the continuous improvement process, such as maintenance, operations and security, are coordinated to achieve high product homogeneity, maximum production availability, as well as to guarantee the safety and health of the employees.