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Longer useful life of the materials and environmentally friendly

The main purpose of these facilities is to give value to products which, under other circumstances, would go straight to a landfill. The physical separation of the materials from the construction, demolition and earthwork and, later, they are processed to recover them. The resulting product of this process can be reintroduced in the works as recycled aggregate, concrete with recycled aggregate, etc.




  • It gives the products longer useful life, allowing re-use: the materials obtained go back into the construction raw materials cycle and we avoid using aggregate from other origins, thus respecting the environment.
  • Through recovery plants we significantly reduce the material sent to the landfill.



Application system

  • The material from construction, demolitions and earthworks is received.
  • A first screening of the materials takes place based on their type, to obtain specific products.
  • Recoverable products are separated from those which are not, reducing the percentage of material sent to the landfill.
  • Recoverable stone products are subject to a specific separation, crunching and screening treatment to obtain recycled aggregate. Thus saving up in natural resources and respecting the environment.