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A versatile solution

Landfills are open areas aimed at depositing, in a controlled way, the soil and inert waste from construction and demolition (CDW). When the materials are received, there is a selection of unsuitable elements to give them their adequate destination.
There are conditioned areas, through a compact waterproof layer, covered with drainage gravel, and where inert materials deposit ensuring the perfect insulation. Likewise, we make management and waster recovery plans, with the possibility to manage it at origin.


Environmentally friendly

Construction and demolition waste landfills of the PROMSA group are located in degraded areas due to extraction activities, restoring respectfully and inclusively the environmental value of the area. An example is the landfill of Montaspre where it can be seen how the restored area is blending with its surroundings.


Sant Julià Medio Ambiente (MONTASPRE)

Barri de la Garriga s/n

Sant Julià de Ramis, Girona

Tel: 972.170.300


Planta de Prullans (TAM)

Finca el Serrat

Tel: 669.842.320


Planta de transferencia Pont de Suert

Ctra.C-144, Km. 347 (Dirección Pobla de Segur)

25520 Pont de Suert, Lleida

Tel: 973.690.001


Depósito controlado Tremp

 Ctra. de Sant Salvador L-912, Km. 11,75

25620 Tremp, Lleida

Tel: 973.650.392



Ficha de producto


It offers a solution to the problem of the constructors: having an area to deposit the products that are no longer useful.
When the controlled deposit is associated to a recycling plant, raw materials can be obtained (Recycled Aggregate).
They bring a solution to the company because they allow for the restoration of degraded areas.
It avoids the scattering of materials in uncontrolled landfills.


Application system

The CDW are received at a control area specifically prepared to this end.
Once the material has been discharged the unsuitable metal is screened again, if there is any.
If the deposit has an associated recycling plant, the different materials are separated there in order to recover them, thus avoiding taking them directly to the landfill.
Finally, non-recoverable inert materials are deposited and compressed, allowing for the restoration of degraded areas.



Sant Julià de Ramis (Montaspre): reciclaje y depósito controlado.
Prullans (TAM): Depósito controlado.
Tremp: Depósito controlado.
Pont de Suert: Planta de transferencia.