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The ecological pavement that remains unchanged

Continue natural and resistant terrazzo pavement that allows the stabilisation of natural soils whilst respecting the environment thanks to its composition based on scrapped glass and classified aggregate. It keeps unchanged over time, without maintenance costs.

Field of application

With great versatility and adaptability, Aripaq allows conditioning and improve a wide range of spaces: promenades, usable areas in parks, gardens and children areas. Pavements, squares, forecourts, terraces, parking lots. Trails, rural tracks, green tracks and GR. Bicycle lane, sport circuits and golf courses.


  • Resistance and easy application: lasting result, resistant against the different weather conditions. Its technical characteristics confirm a high resistance degree to stabilised slopes of up to 15%.
  • Ornamental value: it is integrated in the landscape and the urban environment because it keeps its natural look, the texture and the colour of the aggregate used, keeping the harmony with a wide range of colours.
  • Absence of maintenance: since it is waterproof it prevents weeds from appearing and develop. No gullying or dust, it prevents the formation of puddles and provides a comfortable surface for the users. Without unevenness, bumps or mud, flexible and clean, it always keeps its natural aspect.
  • Product with environmental label type II (eco) ISO 14021 endorsed by TÜV:
    • Resistance and permanency over time
    • Long lifetime product.
    • Recycled material and recycled content.
    • Recyclable material.
    • Waste reduction.

Application system

Aripaq requires the product to be spread and later compressed through different compressing systems. It can be placed over any surface, even in those with a light slope, thanks to the application system that allows for the desired finish.

The material with which Aripaq is manufactured is defined based on the final finish wished: loose grain or semi loose, fabricated with granite or calcareous gravel, of compressed grain. As well as different colourings to adapt and integrate into the environment.

It is supplied as a pre-mixed mixture, at a plant or on site and, to be applied, Promsa puts at disposal a team of professional applicators that ensures the quality of the final product.