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Water-soluble bag: 100% sustainable, no waste, no dust

The water-soluble bag is made of a material that dissolves in the kneader.

With this new format, we will save space and management of containers for paper on site, taking advantage of all the material without shrinkage, thus being 100% sustainable.

The sack is made of a paper of mineral origin that mixes perfectly in the kneader keeping all the properties of the concrete intact.








Ficha de producto

Field of application

  • Construction work in general: pavements, manufacture of concrete walls and partitions, pipes, backfilling, small repairs, etc.
  • Works that, without being structural, require a concrete that has resistance to compression.
  • Not suitable for structural elements.


  • Water-soluble bag, completely dissolved in the concrete mixer.
  • Cleaner: Does not generate dust. All the material is incorporated into the kneader.
  • Faster: Times during handling are reduced.
  • Safer: Prevents injuries from sack cuts, inhalation of dust and mishandling of loads.
  • More sustainable: No waste is generated. CO2 emissions are reduced by 30% *.
    * Source: Swedish Institute for Environmental Research IVL.

Application system

  • The product is supplied in bags of 25 Kg.

  • Use only at temperatures between 5 and 35ºC.

  • Knead the entire contents of the bag by adding 3L of clean water until a homogeneous paste is obtained.

  • Store in a dry place and without direct contact with sun or moisture.

Technical Characteristics

Resistance (28 days) * 25Mpa
Consistency Soft
Compressive strenght (28 days) > 25 Mpa
Dry bulk density 1.750 – 1.850 Kg/m³
Mixing water 3l per sack

* Product supplied by dosage. The declared resistances are indicative values ​​and obtained using the recommended water.