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Ecological product, of great durability, great specific weight and great wear resistance. It has its origin in the black steel slags. A residue subjected to a recovery process, managed and monitored by Promsa. The steel aggregate is a quality material of high performance and sustainable. It has CE marking, and TUV certificate of recycled product.

Field of application

  • Foundation for industrial warehouses, roads, repair and refurbishment of trails, open parking slots, gardening.
  • Aggregate for concrete: high density concrete, industrial ware houses pavement, special concretes.
  • Aggregate for asphalt: bearing layer, highly demanding special asphalts.


Maximum control from the source until the finished product:

  • It is manufactured in a recovery plant of black steel slags, designed and constructed by Promsa, located inside the facilities of the Megasa company in the municipality of Zaragoza. The metal scraps from the manufacturing of steel and other metallic products 100% recycled, it transforms again into steel through a fusion process inside an electric arc furnace.
  • The recovery is carried out at Promsa’s plant: magnetic screening of the metallic fraction that is found in the slag, being put back into furnace. The slag is crushed and classified by size, thus obtaining the Steel Aggregate.

Quality with high performance and sustainable:

  • High frost or thaw resistance in areas with extreme temperatures.
  • Affinity with bituminous binders: very suitable for asphalts, bearing layers, etc.
  • High resistance to the particle polishing and to crushing: ideal for bearing layers, even for high-standard one, as well as pavements for industrial warehouses with movement of machinery.
  • High density, pigmentation: ideal in gardening, provides the dark colour without the risk of being easily dragged by the wind.
  • Product with environmental label type II (eco) ISO 14021 endorsed by TÜV:
    • Resistance and permanency over time - Long lifetime product.
    • Recycled material and recycled content.
    • Recyclable material.
    • Waste reduction.

Application system

  • The same procedure as conventional aggregate, which it can replace.
  • Promsa offers the technical assessment of PromsaGreen.