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This aggregate has its origin in construction and demolition waste (CDW). It undergoes a recycling process that recovers it and transform it in raw material. Using accredited laboratories, it is analysed and its ideal quality for its different applications overseen. Of great use in the manufacturing of concrete, as well as directly used as filling. It has CE marking.

Field of application

  • Bases and foundations in roads.
  • Filler in ditches, pavements and levellings.
  • Walls, back filling.
  • Forest tracks, rural trails and their maintenance.
  • Concrete.


  • Recycled aggregate replaces the consumption of noble aggregate or gravel in applications that require low resistance, optimising their use.
  • Product with environmental label type II (eco) ISO 14021. Endorsed by TÜV:
    • Recycled material and recycled content.
    • Recyclable material.
    • Decrease in natural aggregate consumption.
    • Waste reduction.
    • Recycled aggregate from concrete is homogeneous and responds positively to compression.

Application and supply system

The application of recycled aggregate is done in the same as for conventional aggregate and gravel. In bulk, both at the plant and on site, and we offer the assessment of PromsaGreen’s technical personnel to apply it.