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Self-levelling mortar: thermal and acoustic insulation





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Ecological product with a high degree of technological innovation. Mixture of cements, aggregate and 100% recycled polymeric material that confer it higher thermo-acoustic properties to those of the conventional mortar. The pre-support floorings of continuous paving can reach thicknesses of under 35 mm, providing completely levelled and light surfaces without cracks. It is a product that bring acoustic and thermal insulation based on the specifications of the technical building code.

Field of application

  • Surfaces that require higher thermal and acoustic insulation than usual.
  • Surfaces with thicknesses under 3.5 cm.
  • Surfaces for lightweight structures thanks to its low density.
  • As a final layer, PROSILENCE is compatible with floating parquet, marble, terrazzo and ceramics. In the case of ceramics, it is necessary to polish the surface layer.


  • High content in recycled material - Respects the Environment
  • Low density.
  • Better acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Controlled dosage - Product homogeneity.
  • High planimetry.
  • Ideal and quick placement, high daily performance.
  • Good compressive strength.
  • Optimisation of the space on the site - Maximum cleanness.
  • Safety during application.
  • It provides punctuation to “eco” buildings based on the Technical Building Code.

Application system

It is supplied with a concrete mixer truck on site, and through a pumping system placed by a professional team of applicators that Promsa provides.

Technical characteristics

Specific weight 1.600 Kg/m3
Compression strenght after 28 days 10 Mpa
Flexural strenght after 28 days 3 Mpa
Maximum size of the aggregate 4mm calcareous crushing-aggregate
Thermal conductivity 0,773 W/mK
Trampling improvements on resisting layers Lw fine to 32 dB
Open time 1,5 hours (unless special conditions)

Measurement "in situ" of the acoustic insulation of impact noise *

*APPLUS test UNE-EN ISO 140-7 at 4th/06/2017

56 dB (valor obtenido con un forjado reticular de 30cm de espesor + 6cm de Prosilence)

42 dB (valor obtenido con una losa de 25cm + 5cm de Prosilence + parquet flotante de 8mm)