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Non-plastic material of constant granule size, between 0-20, 0-25 and 0-40 mm, it is a material labelled natural or artificial, based on whether it is subjected to a crunch process or not. Free of elements that can condition its durability, it has high fragmentation resistance. It complies with the gravel size as per the provisions in the PG3.

Field of application

Bases for roads with light and heavy traffic: motorways, highways, parking lots and airport runways.


  • Exhaustive daily control to guarantee the quality of the product.
  • Easy spread and compression: material free of clay and organic matter.
  • The homogeneity and quality of product allow for its application in highly-demanding place and brings durability.
  • Based on the client’s demands, different kinds of gravel can be manufactured in order to adapt them to the needs of each work.
  • Manufacturing on demand prevents the material from deteriorating.
  • PROMSA’s laboratory develops a strict and continuous quality control process, certified according to current legislation, to ensure the characteristics of the product:
    • UNE EN 13242: aggregate for granular layers
    • It has CE marking.

Application system

  • The provisions established in the PG3 must be complied with, based on the specific use it is given and the type of gravel used, natural or artificial.
  • Product compression and humidity percentage are very important at application.