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New Alternative Raw Materials plant: Promsa at the forefront of the circular economy

The Alternative Raw Materials plant has the capacity to value up to 100,000t per year and is located in Pallejà.

The new Alternative Raw Materials plant has an area of ​​3,276 m2 and will recover construction and demolition waste, as well as non-hazardous industrial waste: concrete waste, foundry sand, earth, slag, ashes, etc.
The plant is expected to process up to 100,000t of waste annually, thus preventing these materials from ending up in the landfill and being recovered in the manufacture of construction materials such as cement, concrete, mortar, etc. Its design includes the best technologies currently available to guarantee optimal treatment of waste and the minimization of environmental and environmental impacts. The plant, located in Pallejà, consists of a prefabricated warehouse built with materials from Precon, a company of the Cementos Molins group.
It has a production line for high-quality recycled aggregates, intended for the manufacture of sustainable products belonging to the Promsa Green line, which will cover the Barcelona metropolitan area.
We continue to work on our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of all our products and improving the data of the current Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The incorporation of this innovative raw material processing plant places Promsa as one of the concrete companies with the greatest capacity to manufacture fresh cement-based products and recycled aggregates.